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Honouring a Tradition

Our town of Cardwell was named in honour of Viscount Cardwell who was a member of the House of Lords in Britain.  After the disastrous loss of life during the Crimean war, Viscount Cardwell was instrumental in enforcing changes to the way in which the war was structured at the time.  These changes included the officers being trained instead of just buying their commissions; better conditions including pay and upgraded medical assistance for the first time for the lower ranks of soldiers


Viscount Cardwell was vilified and ridiculed in the media and thrown out of the House of Lords, but his determination for change was such that he went over their heads to Queen Victoria herself.  All of his recommendations were approved by the Queen and set in place and changed forever the way wars were staged.

Our district has been involved in all conflicts from the Boer War to the Afghanistan conflict.   In this area it can been seen the Roll of Honour for those who served in World War 1; the Touch Screen which features stories about the soldiers and nurses who served overseas in that war; uniforms, memorabilia, medals, weapons and two large mortar shells holding the flags.  Also of interest is a considerable historical library.

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Of special interest is a poignant story of a local young man Rowdy Butler who served and was killed in action in World War 1; and a very special Light Horse Brigade Broach which was awarded to another local young man Harry Curtis, who also served in that war, (the War to end all wars).

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