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Historical Clothing

Assorted Historic Clothing dating from 1890s, 1900s through 20th century

The Cardwell & District Historical Society house a various collection of clothing dating through the ages: 

  • 1892 Wedding Dress ensemble.

  • Ornately decorated Sunday-best black dress dated 1900.            

  • Green decorative Afternoon-tea dress dated 1900.                      

  • Cream Wedding dress and shoes dated 1930s.

  • Wedding dress and veil dated early 1900s   

  • Flowergirl’s crocheted lace dress dated 1920s 

  • White everyday muslin dresses, skirts and blouses dated 1890-1900’s.

  • Baby clothing, small boy’s cotton sailor suits, early 1900s

  • Brown evening frock dated 1940 – 50’s

  • Purple floral shift dated 50s/60s

  • Various nightdresses dated 50s/60s

  • Various hats, coats, gloves, corsets and stockings, aprons, umbrellas.

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