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The Calophyllum Shore – A Cardwell Memoir
Calophyllum Shore.jpg

The Calophyllum Shore – A Cardwell Memoir is our Historical Society’s first publication and another 150th annversary project.

Launched in April 2011, it offers a detailed insight into the intriguing history of Cardwell, the first shipping port in Australia’s far north east.

The author, the late Sandy Hubinger (1912-2005) was born and died in Cardwell and his four grandparents were among Cardwell’s pioneers in the 1860s.

The book has a 16 page index of family names and begins with a unique local perspective into pre-pioneering history when Aboriginal communities were the only occupiers of this land. It also traces the local route of the landmark Edmund Kennedy expedition in 1848.

The Calophyllum Shore is on sale at several outlets including our museum and can be purchased now via an online order. ‘Calophyllum’ pronounced ‘Callow fillum’ is the name of the large evergreen trees that grow naturally and prolifically along Cardwell’s beach.

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