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Commemorative Patchwork Quilt

At a very well-attended community workshop meeting in late 2012, potential avenues in order to showcase, highlight and especially celebrate Cardwell's 150th birthday in 2014 were discussed in great detail.  One suggestion of top priority was for the local quilting ladies to design and create a patchwork piece of art depicting the extensive history of Cardwell.

A grant was sought for materials and after 8 months of research and design by Mrs. Dot Brophy of Cardwell, the quilting ladies began to create the quilt.

This artwork was set out in three sections of 50 years each with relevant historical events, buildings, residents, activities as well as local scenic highlights, flora and fauna being depicted. This resulted in a very decorative, eye-catching piece of art.

The quilt was designed by Dot Brophy and pieced and quilted by Cardwell Seaside Quilters whose names are recorded on the back of the quilt including:

  •  Marg Bush

  • Patti Papworth

  • Maxine Millwood        

  • Jenny Quigley

  • Betty Popiol

  • Joy Schembri

  • Marion Mesaric

  • Rae Page

  • Sam Papworth

  • Helen Leggart

  • Thelma Beecheno 

  • Dot Brophy                                

quilt picture.jpg

In order to hang the quilt, the solid silky-oak timber Headboard with C150 Commemoration  signage was constructed by Mr. Bill Mealing of Cardwell.

This outstanding quilt was presented to the community of Cardwell during the commemorative morning tea celebrations at the J.C Hubinger Memorial Museum in January 2014 to observe landing day of the first European settlers. 

Mrs. Dot Brophy was nominated and received a commendation in the following years’ Australia Day awards for this magnificent achievement recording Cardwell’s extensive history in fabrics for posterity.                                     

quilt timeline.jpg
quilt award.jpg

Mrs. Dot Brophy later donated the very comprehensive research data, extensive scale drawings, design work with inclusive cut-out figures and general planning data to the Cardwell & District Historical Society Inc. to be preserved with the quilt for posterity. This information will enable future quilters to contribute another section of 50 years of Cardwell history to extend the existing quilt, should the project be desired.

Dot with quilt.JPG

Mrs Dot Brophy at the unveiling of the quilt as part of the C150 celebrations in 2014

Ladies in their finery at the unveiling of the quilt as part of the C150 celebrations in 2014

Ladies with quilt.JPG
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